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Proudly Serving Upper Westchester, Putnam and Lower Dutchess Counties

Thank you for taking the time to look at Victory Petroleum Inc. We are not your average oil company in fact we are a one stop shop for many of your home or business needs. Providing all the needs for boilers, hot air, HVAC cooling systems, hot water heater, oil tank installations, oil tank removals, plumbing, automatic oil deliveries, service contracts and budget plans. We also specialize in water treatment, air treatment, ventilation systems as well as the newest technology using your smart phone and other devices to control your heating and cooling systems from remote locations. We have our own excavating equipment to remove underground oil and storage tanks and are certified in soil remediation if necessary. The owner also has not just a green thumb but we like to say he’s the greenest oil guy we know, and can help you with all your outside landscaping needs, as well as working with a local nursery to provide you with the proper look as well as what grows best in our area and because we are plumbers an outdoor kitchen, pool, stone wall, walk way or just about anything else you can think of is something you can count on us for. That’s a true one stop shop. Thank you for taking the time once again and if there is any or everything we can do for you please feel free to reach out to us, and yes estimates and friendships, are always free.